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Can you call your current IT support company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year ?
When you're supported by Impact IT Support services you can call & log a support call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week !
Impact IT Solutions Only Uses the Best in Today's Leading IT Products, a Standard Worth Adopting for Your Business

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Let us take the pressure off


At Impact we understand that you want round the clock protection for your systems, so you don’t have to worry about information loss or security breaches.  We also know that your employees prefer to work without the distraction of IT malfunctions and breakdowns. 

Whether you’re a small company or a multinational organization we can create an IT Support package that will give you total peace of mind. Our expert team offers remote monitoring, break fix and on-site repair to businesses throughout the UK.  We offer a wealth of experience in both Windows and Mac systems to keep you up and running.

We also take ownership over those time-wasting glitches that can happen with a new product or service: liaising with suppliers to avoid frustrating three-way conversations between you, the manufacturer and your IT support team when something goes wrong.

The best IT Support and Solutions for your business

Want the newest and most effective products from the world’s leading suppliers?

Our partnerships with major brands keep us up to date with the latest innovations in software and equipment, so we can provide the cutting edge technology you need at a competitive price.

Your unseen in-house IT experts

Remote monitoring allows us to identify problems at an early stage, before they become apparent in your system.  Our monitoring software quietly ticks away in the background, carrying out a scan every five minutes to review critical event logs, backup failures, disk space availability and antivirus updates and to detect unauthorized log in attempts or system hacks.  

If an issue arises we can either fix it remotely - preventing further trouble down the line - or speedily dispatch an engineer to your premises to repair the fault.  We can typically respond to a server problem within 15 minutes, and attend to repair an on-site fault within four to eight hours.

Our service includes dedicated scheduled visits, complimentary replacement parts and loan products as well as reassuring access to friendly, highly qualified technical staff (throughout the day and after hours).

Key benefits of Impact’s support packages:

·      You can log a support request to our Online Helpdesk 24/7, by phone or by email.

·      We offer support for all systems including Mac, Windows and Linux. Plus devices such as tablets and smartphones.

·      All Impact’s support packages are underpinned by our money-back guarantee.

·      No lengthy contracts.

·      Transparent, easy-to-understand pricing. 

·      Forget those sliding scales that offer Gold, Silver and Bronze levels of support: Impact provides just one cost-effective package to all its customers – and that’s Platinum.

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Impact Cloud Computing Hosted Services


Managing an office network, whether in a single location or operated remotely, can bring many challenges to today's business owners. A powerful yet simple approach to network resource organization and the streamlining of work processes, cloud computing presents businesses with a way to get the best of IT products without worrying about licenses and other network components in-house. Impact IT Solutions offers hosted IT with cloud computing capabilities, opening the door to modern technologies for businesses in a cost-effective and easily managed way.

Handy spam filters

Left unchecked, unsolicited emails can clog up your inbox, causing you to overlook important messages.  Our clever spam filter captures unwanted emails and checks them for viruses, so you only receive the messages you want.  You can regularly check the list of withheld emails, releasing any that shouldn’t be classed as “spam”.

Stay connected with Office 365

Keep your workforce in the same office, even when they’re out on the road. Powered by the cloud, Office 365 lets you set up users across your network with their own, personalised version of MS Office. 

With Office 365 in place you can easily create, access and share your documents anywhere, anytime.  You can also sync your work across multiple devices and even take part in meetings, using the online conferencing facility.  This versatile networking tool is easily updated and you only need pay for the services you use.

Safe email on the move

The Microsoft Hosted Exchange Server Solution is perfect for businesses of all sizes with employees on the move.  This is a smart, reliable and secure way to protect your email communications, armed with the latest defences against viruses and malware.  Enjoy a massive 25GB of storage for each Mailbox and store emails securely for up to ten years.  

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Impact IT Web Design Services.


We Consult, We Understand, We Design, And We Deliver

Having an attractive web site is crucial for making positive impressions and gaining new clients. There are many professional web design studios from which today's businesses can choose when gearing up for a new website or an overhaul of an existing site, but it pays to work with a company that's as well-versed in IT as it is in the aesthetics of great design. Impact IT Solutions can create professional websites and individual pages that highlight your brand and content whilst providing a positive user experience. Integrating leading backend technologies and functionality including Flash, Java, and PHP, Impact IT Solutions can fashion a site from the simplest of branded company profiles to the most ambitious and impressive interactive web destinations. Whether you'd like to create a simple blog or conduct business online with e-commerce capabilities, Impact IT Solutions can help you get a great looking start on the web.

Website hosting

Once we’ve created a site for your business we can also host and manage it on a secure, reliable server.  All our servers use the latest technology and are continually backed up and monitored, so if a problem occurs any downtime is kept to the absolute minimum.

Domain name registration and hosting

We can also look after your website domain names, handling all your requirements, including domain name searches, registration, name renewal and transfer.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

You and your staff can quickly and easily create, edit and manage your websites using our accessible content management systems.

These easy to operate, search-engine friendly systems give you complete control over your site, so you can edit text, images, links and meta data as often as you like, with no technical knowledge or ability required.

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Impact IT Software Development Services.


A bespoke product for a better business getting the most out of today's IT sometimes means working with the leading products and brands in the industry, but there's not always a perfect fit to be found among the items currently available on the market. Having a piece of software tailored to your business' unique and precise needs means you'll never have to wish there was a different set of options or an additional functionality. The friendly software development team at Impact IT Solutions has extensive experience building sophisticated yet easy to use programs that make work faster, more efficient, and more powerful.

Using a variety of flexible languages including C++ and, Impact IT Solutions can create programs and suites of any nature and type, drawing on reliable SQL server backends and complimenting programs with intuitive user interfaces that are truly scalable products that can grow with your business as you expand and further your work.

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