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Testimonials John Downer Productions Ltd

Our computer systems are an integral part of our business and it’s crucial that we have a 100% reliable support & maintenance partner. Impact IT Solutions UK Ltd ...

John Downer Productions Ltd

Liaison Technology

Following an in depth tender process involving various providers and proposals, Liaison Technology Ltd awarded IMPACT IT a 3-year contract to become our support desk and ...

Liaison Technology

IT support Bristol

Impact IT Support, We become your IT DepartmentYour Very Own IT Department Working with today's best  technologies means there's bound to be questions about how to install and use new products, and occasional disasters ranging from the small and annoying to the catastrophic can take their toll on any business' bottom line.

Working with quality IT professionals helps mitigate the frustration and potential for loss sometimes presented by office software, hardware, and processes, but it's not always practical to establish an IT department in-house. Impact IT Solutions offers comprehensive managed IT support & services in Bristol for businesses that need close and immediate attention to any problems that arise along with easy implementation and support for new products and services. Clients can expect 4 and 8 hour response times, both remote and on-site service, dedicated scheduled visits, complimentary replacement parts and loan products, and easy accessibility to qualified techs during the day and after hours. Business owners can enjoy the confidence that comes with having an experienced and knowledgeable team of IT professionals on-call to handle any issue that comes up, and precise event logging and other passive services keep things running well and prevent difficult issues down the line.

 Are you looking for IT support that takes the pressure of IT products off of staff and helps them achieve better productivity and employee satisfaction? No matter the scope of your business, a managed support package from Impact IT Solutions can turn your tech into a true asset, eliminating the need for an on-site department while eliminating worry and risk, as well.


Key Benefits

We take ownership of the problem and liaise with the 3rd party suppliers, no more back and forth with an IT problem with one supplier blaming another.

  • All our support is backed by our money back guarantee.
  • Log a support call 24/7.
  • Log a support call via our online helpdesk, phone or email.
  • Support for all devices, we cover Mac's, Windows, Linux and any Smartphone OS.
  • No lengthy contracts.
  • Cost effective transparent pricing and simple to understand.
  • No Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze levels of support contracts, we don’t believe in different support levels depending on a package purchased, Impact only offer one package to all customers regardless of size and that’s a Platinum level.


Unbeatable SLA

Issue Example Response SLA
Time to respond to a logged support call Support call Within 15 minutes
Total disruption to the Service Server is down, all users cannot work Remote Support Within 15 minutes
A major inconvenience to the Service One user cannot work, PC down Remote support within one hours
A minor inconvenience to the Service PC running slow Remote support within one day
Total disruption to the Service, site visit required Server is down, all users cannot work Onsite support within one hour + travel time
A major inconvenience to the Service, site visit required One user cannot work, PC down Onsite support within one hours + travel time
A minor inconvenience to the Service, site visit required PC running slow Onsite support within one day + travel time